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Process enhancement for petrochemical and oil refining operations

Expert process engineering and optimization for petrochemical and refining operations, maximizing ROI

Expert process improvement solutions for petrochemical & oil refineries

We are the only company operating within the petrochemicals and refining sector to possess a dedicated process engineering team working alongside unit operations. With unrivalled expertise and a robust proven track record, our services ensure your production rates are not compromised through bottlenecks, seasonal changes or any other issue that could limit your process yield and efficiency.

With over 30 years’ experience in the sector - our process engineering experts in Aggreko Process Services (APS), are truly one of a kind when it comes to solution delivery. From the routine to the extraordinary, our knowledge has evolved with the ever changing market conditions and restrictions, and now alongside the decarbonisation challenges facing operators as part of the rumbling energy transition.

Optimal ROI with efficient project planning

Time is money and our projects are planned to make sure your cost saving is maximised, with schedules being deliberately short, often weeks or days until completion. APS solutions’ benefit to cost ratios are some the best in the industry – ranging between 6:1 and 40:1 respectively. Advantages for you with this approach is a typical cost reduction in projects along with an increase in throughput while turnaround schedules and costs remain lower.

Explore our proven process enhancement applications below to see how we address specific challenges.

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