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Getting the most from your propane-propylene (PP) splitter unit

Precise cooling solutions that drive product yield

Propane-Propylene (PP) Splitters are crucial for transforming Refinery Grade Propylene (RGP) to Polymer Grade Propylene (PGP) – by using thermocompression, PP Splitters upgrade the starting product RGP and can produce profitable outcomes.

When yield is key, the slightest temperature tweak can make the biggest difference. Utilising cooling water as the source to lower overhead vapour temperatures, the propylene vapor can be condensed matching the PGP specification. Understanding this volatile process and affecting factors such as pressure, flow rates, composition of vapour and liquid streams is crucial.

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Incorporating our expertise from the start

Success is based on having the correct vapor and liquid equilibrium from the start. Aggreko Process Services (APS) can fine tune this and advise on applying the cooling solution in the best way, sharing our expertise on introducing specific measurements of precisely chilled water can deliver better product volumes.

Reviewing previous successful yields and analysing seasonal variants allow us to ensure you achieve the most lucrative yield for your refinery.

Read about our recent project where we helped a refinery in the middle east increase their PP Splitter yield to 99.8% - gaining them an additional $17 million USD propylene revenue in just 120 days.

You can also read more on the challenges that face the modern refiner with PP splitters and applying the right cooling solution in our recent article by Massimo Capra, which was featured in November’s edition of Hydrocarbon Processing magazine.

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