Location Andaman Islands

Sectors Utilities

The challenge

Providing the ideal solution to powering an island

The total generating capacity is around 109.45 MW – and 99.2 MW of this is produced via diesel generators, with the rest comprised of hydro and solar power.

Half of the diesel generators that produce the majority of the island’s power were in desperate need of replacement, which meant that power capacity was vastly reduced.

The customer needed optimised power, to cut costs and keep the people, businesses and vital infrastructure of the Andaman Islands powered.


Project fact file

650 Nautical miles

Distance to deliver equipment

30 Days

Time taken to supply power

5 MW

Total power supplied

The solution

5 MW power to a 33 kV grid within 30 days

Aggreko have extensive experience in the Utility sector, and it was this knowledge, and our competitive terms and mobile, modular equipment, that sealed the deal.

The challenges were plentiful though. The location for our generators was just 10 metres away from the shore and would be lashed with rough waters and heavy rains.

Then there was the small issue of delivering the power across 650 nautical miles. Thankfully, our equipment is created with mobility in mind, and all logistics - including the fuel supply line that involved 150 metres of piping – were carefully considered and taken care of, meaning the customer could concentrate on what they needed to.


The Aggreko difference

The power to bring islands together

The impact

Helped to bridge the power gap for people of the island

The people, businesses and critical infrastructure of the Andaman Islands, not only had the power supply they needed for everyday life, they also had the reliability they craved, ridding themselves of frequent blackouts.

The customer also enjoyed a far more optimised power generation solution than the one they had before becoming partners with Aggreko.


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