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“We can assess your site’s risks and create a fail-safe plan that we can put into action the moment disaster strikes.”

Keeping your servers running


A data centre without power isn't an option and we've got the answers to make sure you get maximum uptime, every time.


Flexible Solutions for Entire Life Cycle of Your Data Centre

We provide data centres all over the world with a constant power and temperature control source, and a partnership that takes care of installation and commissioning through to risk reduction with a bespoke contingency plan.

Your facility is different, and we can give you the flexibility to adapt to whatever demands you have. Diesel or Next Generation Gas generators? What about battery storage to cut back on fuel costs and environmental impact? We give you the choices to guarantee success, and the peace of mind to devote your time where it’s needed most.


Testing Your Limits and Contingency Planning

Our loadbanks and boilers will stress-test your server and cooling system capabilities, so you know that you’ll be running at peak performance. If the worst should happen? We’ve got you covered. Our trusted and experienced staff will assess all risks and implement contingency plans so that if an emergency unfolds, we’ll keep you online. 


Reliable Off-Grid Power

Data centres are vital to business, and if you reach your limit on grid power, our reliable off-grid solutions mean that there is no limit to your growth, or standby power during maintenance. We can give you the extra push towards Tier 4 status. 


Keeping You Cool When the Heat is On

We keep your racks cool too. Our efficient temperature control options maintain the optimum environment during seasonal changes, planned maintenance or a change to infrastructure.

We reduce capital expenditure, offer greener measures to lessen environmental impact and our mobile, modular equipment gives us a global reach to help you in any location. Time is the most precious commodity to everyone, and we can rapidly set up and install to keep your project within deadlines.

We know that knowledge is power – and that your knowledge needs constant power. 

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Planning for disaster (and fast emergency response)

At critical sites, such as data centres, where losing power or cooling systems can be catastrophic, it’s important to have a contingency plan. We can assess your site’s risks and create a fail-safe plan that we can put into action the moment disaster strikes. And if you do have an emergency, but don’t have a backup plan, we can help – fast. Our engineers will quickly evaluate the situation, thenprovide the power and cooling needed to get your data flowing again. It’s all about minimal disruption, maximum uptime.

Reliable off-grid power? No problem.

Our gas and diesel generators can be used as an additional source of power – independent from the grid. They can be used in place of mains power, to supplement power if your in-house systems reach their limit, or as standby power during maintenance. All of which adds an extra layer of resilience to your operations and can help you to achieve full Tier 4 status.

Keep your cool with reliable HVAC systems support

We know that maintaining the peak performance and operational reliance of your cooling equipment is crucial. We can help with our temperature control packages to provide supplementary cooling to tackle seasonal temperature increases, support during maintenance or infrastructure expansion. And we can also provide chiller, cooling tower, A/C unit and air handler packages designed to suit your site’s needs.

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