Client Andrew Kay Management

Location Australia

Sectors Events


Power and temperature control for a touring temporary event structure 

Andrew Kay Management is an international theatre production company that takes shows on tour across Australia and around the world. As it has become more difficult to find suitable theatres and event venues, they decided to purchase a temporary structure for the Van Gogh Alive interactive art exhibition which could be transported from site to site during the tour.

The structure is 70 metres long, 30 metres wide, and 6.5 metres high with inflatable roof sheets and insulated wall panels.

Organisers engaged Aggreko to provide power and temperature control for the entire tour, including end-user power outlets inside the cafe, box office and bar, as well as power for the audio-visual component of the show. Separate temperature control was also needed for the four different zones within the structure.

As the show is set to move between states every few months it was crucial to provide a turnkey, temporary solution that could be easily packed up and moved with the tour.

Project fact file

3 x 200 kVA

Diesel generators

1 x 4500 lt

Fuel tank

600 hours

Of preparation and install


Turnkey, temporary hybrid power that can be easily transported across the country

With the customer’s unique power and temperature control needs in mind, our experts designed and commissioned a turnkey solution using hybrid energy.

Aggreko installed 3 x 200 kVA generators for the technical equipment and air conditioning (5 x 100 kw and 2 x 20 kw) and approximately 3 km of cabling and 500 metres of ducting throughout the structure. Given the size of the project, it took 600 hours of preparation and installation time to get the structure ready for the first leg of the tour in Adelaide. Once the tour moves to Brisbane, a 45 kVA battery hybrid will be added to give full power flexibility throughout the remainder of the tour.

The Aggreko Difference

Providing turnkey, temporary power that travels with you

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Fully powered temporary structure to maximise attendance for this tour and future shows

The temporary structure was fully powered and ready to use for the start of the tour in June 2021. The turnkey solution means that the power and temperature controls can easily be transported with the structure as the show moves across Australia for the next 2.5 years.

The investment in the structure and power solution also means it can be used for future shows, meaning the organisers are no longer limited by available theatres and event venues, and can maximise the attendance at shows wherever they take place.

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