Client ConocoPhillips

Location Southern North Sea

Sectors Oil and gas


Power 3 oil fields as efficiently as possible through decommissioning

ConocoPhillips was due to commence the decommissioning of the Viking Bravo oil field in 2015. It was their first decommissioning project in UK waters and they were looking for a reliable partner to provide the necessary power and staff for the duration of the project.

On successful completion of the first decommission they then wanted to go ahead with similar projects at their LOGGS and Murdoch fields. Naturally, a safe and smooth decommissioning process was key, but ConocoPhillips was also looking for a power supplier who could be as efficient as possible in order to save money on all three projects.

Project fact file


Oil fields decommissioned


Generators across 3 sites


Saved by efficient power design


Optimally designed power layout to minimise cabling and keep costs down

ConocoPhillips initially asked for 3 x 800 kVA generators with all associated cabling and watchkeeping provided by two trained technicians on a rotation. After reviewing the platform design and decommissioning scope, Aggreko consultants recommended positioning the generators in a different location closer to where the power was required.

This allowed for a much shorter cable run and significant cost savings. As the Viking Bravo project was completed so successfully and under budget, Aggreko was invited to design and tender for the power supply for the remaining two oil fields.

We supplied LOGGS with 3 x 800 kVA generators and Murdoch with 3 x 500 kVA generators with similar watchkeeping arrangements. Again, further recommendations were made on positioning to reduce the amount of cabling and make more cost savings.

the aggreko difference

Minimising power costs through efficient design

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All sites successfully decommissioned with significant cost savings

All three oilfields were successfully decommissioned on time and without any power issues thanks to Aggreko’s solution. Having saved ConocoPhillips around £50k on the Viking Bravo project they were confident enough to put their trust in us for the remaining fields.

After applying similar efficiencies to these projects we were able to cut more costs, saving them over £75k in total.

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