Client International Oil Company (IOC)

Location North Sea

Sectors Oil and gas


Flexible power for fluctuating demands during decommissioning

An IOC was looking to decommission its natural gas storage facility at a field off the east coast of England. The power demand was expected to fluctuate throughout the duration of the project so they needed a partner with the expertise to ensure they had the right amount of power at the right time.

They also needed someone who could guarantee safe fuel would be provided as dirty offshore fuel can pose significant problems.

Project fact file


1500kVA generators


9,000-litre fuel tank


Saved with flexible rate contract


Bespoke fuel design with a flexible rate contract

Having reviewed the decommissioning strategy, Aggreko consultants estimated the power requirements as being somewhere between 3 x 1250 kVA generators and 3 x 1500 kVA generators. Rather than simply recommending the larger generators we were able to make use of the GPRS signal at the platform and Aggreko’s remote monitoring tools to provide the 3 x 1500 kVA generators at a flexible commercial rate.

By monitoring the equipment at the platform we were able to see when anything was off or on standby and then charge a standby or run rate. We also supplied a modified 9,000-litre fuel tank to fit within the rig’s space constraints and redesigned the inlet and outlets to fit the platform’s needs. The tank included a state of the art filtration system to ensure the quality of fuel and avoid any potential generator failure.

As the IOC’s staff were not familiar with the generators and fuel tank installed, we provided watchkeeping services for the first 6 months of the project, during which time we trained their workforce so that they could take over the maintenance themselves.

the aggreko difference

Providing flexible power for safe, efficient decommissioning

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Successful, on schedule completion with significant cost savings

The decommissioning project was successfully completed within the planned 5-year timescale and the customer saved an estimated £150k thanks to the flexible commercial rate contract.

The fuel filtration system ensured that no time was lost due to power failures and that the project could be completed on time.

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