Client Major refinery

Location USA

Sectors Petrochemical and refining

The challenge

Reduce flaring emissions during an upgrade

A large refinery was preparing for a major overhaul in response to tighter environmental laws. Large overhauls are risky operations and the company knew that flaring – the burning off of excess gas – was a major consideration during the shut-down and start-up processes. The gas recovery system can become overwhelmed, which slows down what is already a large, complex and expensive operation. The refinery was looking for a partner with strong process knowledge, refinery-grade equipment and full-service expertise to help them out.


Project fact file

90 %

Reduction in emissions

6 weeks

Installation time

The solution

On-site expertise and refinery-grade equipment

We sent in our specialised team to provide advice on improving operations and addressing environmental issues. The team worked with the refinery's lead engineers to design a package that would work in conjunction with the plant’s infrastructure, keep the flare system from being overwhelmed, shorten the clean-up time, and reduce the start-up time.

In less than six weeks, we had installed heat exchangers, receivers, pumps, generators and electrical distribution. Site advisory services were included, as was a team of local technicians who helped with the start-up process, project organisation and training the refinery’s personnel to familiarise them with the installation. 


the aggreko difference

Aggreko Process Services offers a team of environmental experts.

The impact

Emissions down 90% on previous upgrades

With our strong project management skills and operational expertise, we were able to design and deliver a solution that allowed the refinery to minimise flaring during a major overhaul. 

The package cooled, condensed and collected the majority of vapours in the relief system, minimising the load and resulting in a 90% emissions reduction compared to previous upgrades. Our customer saved time and money, and the environment was much better off.


“By using Aggreko’s equipment, engineering design and site support we accomplished our goals in a reduced timeframe which is critical in every turnaround.”

Shutdown Engineer

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