It’s not just our power that’s evolving

To ensure we deliver the services we are renowned for, we continuously look at how we can improve our products and the customer experience we deliver.

Our customers are the root of what we do – and it’s the feedback we get that allows us to shape our business for a better future.

By surveying our customers at different points of contact – via our depot centres, our website and our sales teams to name a few – we gather real insights in the experience they have with Aggreko and crucially, how we can improve it.

By listening to all feedback, we are making big changes. Changes that help us work better for you.

Our innovations are not only our products but also our customer experiences, and real improvements across our entire business.

Here’s how we listen:

Equipment reliability: We’re remotely monitoring our fleet and using predictive algorithms to detect potential failures quicker. We also systematically analyse all unpredictable incidents to assess the root cause and then define countermeasures to avoid a reoccurrence.

Safety: We use a pre-task risk assessment and encourage our employees to use their ‘stop work authority’ to create the safest working environment.

Invoicing: We are implementing new processes to give us a simpler way of working, which is quicker for you. We have also redesigned our invoices to improve clarity.

Problem-solving: New systems are drastically optimising processes, from the warehouse to our engineers on site. It means that every department is working in synch with each other and every piece of equipment is exactly where it should be. This means less lost time and the bottom line is that the solutions we provide can be with you quicker. We are also developing artificial intelligence capabilities when servicing our engines. To improve time management, our engineers now have an app to give them all necessary info to proceed with their tasks, at the touch of a button.

There’s much more to come. And the more we listen, the bigger the difference we can make.

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