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"Being in a remote location meant that finding a reliable power supply was a critical factor; however, Aggreko's lead time and modular flexibility fitted with our planning production schedule."

Cliff Davis Chief Executive Officer ,
Nevsun Resource

Diesel & gas power generators to keep your business running.

If you need emergency power, a reliable backup, or want a cost-effective primary power source, our gas and diesel generators will get the job done.

We design and build our generators. This means we’re continually finding ways to make them cleaner, quieter and more efficient. They’re also accredited, so you can be sure they meet the strictest safety and emission standards.

Our generators can be combined in different ways to give you the voltage and power you need – no more, no less. And because we keep them on standby at our locations around the world we can deliver to you quickly.

What’s more, our packages are flexible and tailored to your timeframe, fuel and power needs, as well as your budget.

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Discover our new offering with our HFO power generators.

Our HFO Medium Speed power solution will give you cost effective power, ready when you need it, round the clock.



"The speed in which Aggreko installed their generators was very quick. Meeting our tight deadlines, they were able to supply us with high quality reliable equipment and very responsive staff."

Everson José Salin Wind Project Manager ,
Dobrevě Energia S/A

Diesel generators

Our diesel generators set the standard in portable, scalable power generation – they’re reliable, efficient, cost-effective and easy to use. We’ve taken care of environmental concerns with industry-leading soundproofing, emission control that meets all standards, and fully bunded fuel tanks to eliminate leaks. And because we offer a range of sizes, we can customise our generators to your needs. We can combine them in different ways to deliver the exact amount of power for your site and they can be synchronised for load sharing – ideal if you’re using them to supplement your own generators, or boosting the local grid.

How we supply our power generators

We house our power generators in either a soundproofed box (called a canopy), or enclose them in custom-designed 20-ft standard ISO containers – which provides enhanced security, durability and easy transportation by road, rail, sea or air. Our canopy generators are suitable for use in residential areas and perfect for smaller projects and short-term power needs. And the ones in containers are ideal for high-profile events, large-scale construction, manufacturing and engineering projects, and electricity distribution networks.

G3+ generators

Our latest range of containerised generators run at market-leading levels of efficiency with optimised fuel combustion, resulting in fewer emissions. They produce 14 per cent more power at 12 per cent lower cost per megawatt than standard generator engines.

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"We have the experience and know-how, so adding renewable technology was a natural step and helps us bring additional benefits to our off-grid customers."

Gas generators

Gas generators offer a greener and more cost-effective alternative to diesel.

Our low emission generators run on a number of natural gases, including liquid propane (LP), liquid natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG) and associated petroleum gas (APG) – so you can make the most of what you have. Many of our gas generators are dual fuel capable, so they have the ability to switch between gas sources seamlessly.

Our generator engines come with proven ‘lean burn’ technology, spark-arrested silencing and are turbo-charged with after-cooling. They’re heavy-duty, with a purpose-built alternator making them reliable in continuous operations – even in the harshest environments.

The heat generated can also be used to produce hot water with combined heat and power (CHP) units. This gives you extra cost savings, especially in processing environments.

And because we design and build our gas generators, we’ll help you find the one that matches your gas supply and power needs.

Solar-diesel hybrid power plants

Renewable energy is certainly the way forward, which is why we have created a hybrid package to enable you to benefit from the best of two worlds – the advantages of clean renewable energy and reliable diesel power.

Solar power is available everywhere, is much cheaper than diesel fuel and it’s good news for the environment, but it is intermittent – night falls and power stops. Diesel generators work come rain or shine, so smartly combining the two into an integrated micro-grid creates a winning combination.

Our solar-diesel hybrid gives you reliable, cost-effective energy 24/7, with contracts starting from five years and 5 MW generation capacity. 

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Why Aggreko?

  • Cost effective: we can scale up or down to meet your needs
  • High level of performance
  • Industry leading soundproofing
  • Meets all emission regulations
  • Reliable: we regularly maintain all our generators


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