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Air Conditioner Rentals

100 KW AC units of AME fleet

Our industrial rental air conditioners provide temporary and emergency cooling services for All industries. 

Large-Scale Industrial Air Conditioning Solutions

Whether you need rental air conditioners for movie sets, major business conferences, or an industrial workplace, such as a mine or for the construction of a tunnel, Aggreko has the temporary cooling equipment you need. Aggreko has unsurpassed experience in providing temporary air conditioning solutions for our customers. No matter when or where rental cooling is needed, Aggreko is there.

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Aggreko's Heavy-Duty Rental Air Conditioners

  • Range in size from 17 kW to 200 kW
  • Are capable of delivering cooling more than 26,000 cfm of air
  • Are designed to provide 100% cool, fresh air or 100% conditioned return air

The Reversible-cycle units

Aggreko also offers our reversible-cycle units that can cool, heat, dehumidify and filter the air to ensure an ideal climate for human occupancy or product storage

Moisture can also be removed from the air if required during the cooling process


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