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Industrial heater hire

Tough, portable, industrial heater hire for the most challenging situations

Industrial heater hire for all your heating needs

Whether you need to keep workers comfortable, or you want help drying out buildings, new or old, we have the best temporary heating solutions for the job. Choose industrial heater hire with Aggreko.

Our temporary heating hire solutions include electric heaters from 3 kW to 45 kW and indirect fired IDF heaters from 65 kW to 350 kW. These specialised units are available with airflows to 25000 m3/hr and they’re designed to be flexible, robust and portable.

+50 years of worldwide experience

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Choose temporary heating hire from Aggreko

Industrial heater hire that meets your heating needs

Our industrial heaters are ideal for either large-scale or localised temporary heating, so you can keep your operations running smoothly and your projects on track. Whether you need primary heating, a winter boost, or heat for a large space, we’ll help you find the best industrial heater hire package for your project. Our engineers have in-depth experience in designing and delivering temporary heating solutions that include our dryers and dehumidifiers.

Applications for our industrial heater hire packages include:

Construction and refurbishment:

  • Curing concrete flooring or structures ready for fit-out during winter conditions
  • Maintaining temperature when fitting specialist flooring and fittings
  • Drying-out paint, coatings or plastering work to speed up project completion

Critical temperature control:

  • Critical temperature control for dew point prevention within sensitive areas or facilities
  • Preservation of perishable goods

Industrial heating solutions for events and films:

  • Providing comfort heating for events in arenas or marquees

Emergency heating and drying:

  • Drying out buildings following flooding, often in conjunction with our dehumidifier solutions, so you can return to business as usual as soon as possible
  • Supporting HVAC systems with supplementary heating, or as back-up temporary heating solutions, should your systems fail