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france transformer loadbanks

"Routine maintenance is the perfect time for load tests. You’re reassured that your equipment will work when it matters most, plus burning off fuel keeps things running smoothly."

Our loadbank testing will make sure your power won’t let you down when you need it most.

Loadbanks are used to test electrical power supplies. They simulate variable electrical load conditions in a way that can be accurately controlled, measured and recorded.

It’s vital to test your systems so you know they’re up to the job – whether you’re commissioning new generators, or need to carry out routine maintenance. It’s also important to run backup generators regularly to burn off any unburned fuel, oil, or condensation.

It’s important to plan load tests carefully. That’s where we can help. Just tell us what you need to test, we’ll size, deliver and program our loadbanks, and you can do your test right away.

And if you’d feel happier with us doing the test for you, we offer that service too. Our experienced engineers can support you at every step – from planning and installing to testing and reports.

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"We make things simple by helping you plan your test, then we program our loadbanks to match.”

Flexible testing, whatever the powerload

Each test is different, so we offer a range of loadbanks that we match to your needs.

We have resistive-only AC loadbanks, combined resistive and reactive loadbanks in single or multiple units, and direct current (DC) loadbanks. They can be used on single or three phase and come in a range of sizes, so we can customise our equipment to your testing needs.

Our loadbanks can be used to test:

  • Generators and turbines
  • Uninterrupted power systems (UPS)
  • Electrical distribution panels and systems
  • Data centre power systems
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Simulation of heat loads 

We’ve designed our controls to make testing simple. You can do it remotely using a simple hand-held device, or on a laptop using our testing software, which allows you to collect test data – useful if you need to provide your customers and partners with proof of testing.

Why Aggreko?

  • Choice of AC/DC resistive-only and AC resistive/reactive loadbanks
  • Our expert technicians can plan and carry out the test for you
  • Rapid response from our worldwide locations

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