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Contingency planning

Discussion on Contingency Planning

"We hope you never need to put your contingency plan into action. But our customers sleep better at night, knowing it’s there – just in case."

What would happen to your business if disaster struck and you were unprepared?

No one likes to contemplate the worst-case scenario, but by planning ahead you can keep things going if floods, fires, storms or power outages threaten your operation.

We’re experts at thinking several steps ahead. So if the worst does happen, we can put our people and equipment into action – swiftly and safely.

Talk to us about your needs and we’ll work out the best contingency plan for you.

A made-to-fit plan

An off-the-shelf response won’t suit every emergency. So we’ll tailor a plan to your operation and the risks you’d face if things ground to a halt.

It starts with a conversation. Our engineers meet you to assess your site’s power, heating, cooling and dehumidification needs. We then make a plan that covers the equipment, engineering, logistics and people needed to put things right after a crisis.

We don’t take chances. So we consider every detail – big and small.

Why Aggreko?

  • Practical plans you can put into action – day or night.
  • Get back to work within hours of an emergency.
  • Reduce risks, minimise disruptions and keep things safe.
  • Hands-on, rapid assistance from our local technicians.



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