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Data centre power, cooling and testing

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Power resilience, competitiveness and sustainability in European data centres. Read the industry report here.

Supporting data center operations through their entire lifecycle with power supply, cooling, and testing 

Aggreko support data centres through every stage of their lifecycle, from construction and commissioning to daily operations, upgrades and emergency response.

We provide temporary powerbattery storage, UPS, temperature control and testing for everything from server rooms to hyperscale data centres. Best of all, our mobile and modular products are easily scaled up and down according to demand, meaning you only pay for what you need.





Contingency planning and data center emergency procedures

With mission critical data centers, losing power or cooling systems can be catastrophic, and it’s important to have a contingency plan. We can assess your site’s risks and create a fail-safe plan that we can put into action the moment disaster strikes. If you do have an emergency, but don’t have a backup plan, we’ll help immediately. Our engineers will quickly evaluate the situation, then provide the power and cooling needed to get your data flowing again. Maximum uptime with minimal disruption.

Power backups through off-grid power? No problem.

Our gas and diesel generators can be used as an additional source of power – independent from the grid. Use them in place of main power, to supplement power if your in-house systems reach their limit, or as standby power during maintenance. Adding an extra layer of resilience to your operations and helping you to achieve full Tier 4 status.

Keep your cool with reliable HVAC systems support

We know that maintaining the peak performance and operational reliance of your cooling equipment is crucial. We can help with our temperature control packages to provide supplementary cooling to tackle seasonal temperature increases, support during maintenance or infrastructure expansion. And we can also provide chiller, cooling tower, A/C unit and air handler packages designed to suit your site’s needs.

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