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Clean Air


Turn to the Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) experts

Ensuring the air is clean for staff and visitors alike is essential for the safe and comfortable running of your event. The key to providing good ventilation is circulating fresh, filtered air. Luckily, today’s best HVAC systems go further than ever before, featuring built-in filters, air scrubbers and powerful UV lights that help kill bacteria and any other contaminants that might be present.

Event planners are no strangers to temporary utilities, but increased awareness around ventilation makes finding the right supplier even more important. At Aggreko, we’re well versed in adapting to your needs, balancing ventilation with ambient temperatures and uncontrollable external conditions. Our experts have dealt with unique challenges in festival tents, concerts and mass sporting events, and have extensive experience juggling limited space, restricted power availability, and emergency demand.

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At Aggreko, we’ve been engineering air quality solutions for decades, delivering high-quality equipment at short notice and in extreme conditions. We ensure you meet demanding new standards, with HEPA filters that remove 99.97% of .03 microns and larger air particle contaminants, and MERV-13 return air filters that deliver long-lasting performance. Our experts are well accustomed to meeting your needs.

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