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With electrical safety, it’s not worth taking chances

Whenever you’re working with electrical equipment, there’s a risk of accidental electrocution. For event planning, the sheer scale of temporary installations can only increase this risk, and so it’s essential that you take the right precautions. A thorough site audit will help you assess the potential dangers, as well as areas where the behaviour of event visitors and staff could increase these risks.

At Aggreko, we have decades of experience working with complex electrical equipment in challenging environments. We take safety seriously and undertake comprehensive risk assessments to minimize and control electrical dangers. Our equipment solutions address each potential risk, and we use our expertise to design safer setups and to monitor and safeguard our installations.

Risk, controlled

We follow our own extensive testing procedures and electrical regulations, employing high safety standards across our events work. Our expertise in this area allows us to establish a culture of safety, with training procedures and rigorous assessments that ensure the electrical safety of your event. For example, our staff are given Stop Work Authority, which empowers them to identify and address anything that appears unsafe without delay.

We work closely with event planners to avoid the risk of electrical accidents, so you can rest easy that high standards of safety are in place.

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