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Energy services from Aggreko

Large scale, long-term solutions

Bespoke power solutions

Our flexible contracts give clients commercial and financial flexibility. Whether they want to buy energy as a service, have the option to purchase the power plant at the end of the contract or want to explore third party financing, we can be a trusted partner, helping clients realise their energy mix aspirations.

Ways of working with Aggreko

Unlike traditional arrangements, our flexible agreements don’t lock you in. Longer 5+ year projects include obtaining land, permitting and fuel supply.

Most flexible contract terms, with guaranteed performance, power availability, heat rate and fuel efficiency. Predictable, consistent power pricing.

Through the BOOT model, we own, operate and maintain power assets for you. After an agreed period of time, they are offered to you either pre-agreed or as an option.

Simple flexibility

Flexibility flows through everything we do. From how we finance the project to how we structure the commercial agreement. We can provide off and on balance sheet options, and phased deals that include temporary and permanent installations. We can finance the project ourselves, and for longer term deals bring creative financial structuring, or facilitate 3rd party financing.

Supporting our clients in more ways

We can support our clients with demand side response, trading, grid balancing, energy efficiency, land ownership and energy infrastructure