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The Dubai Metro construction project was awarded to Dubai Rapid Link Consortium: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Corporation for the rail work and for the civil work the Japan Turkey Metro Joint Venture consisting of Obayashi Corporation, Kajima Corporation and Yapı Merkezi.

The Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) turns extremely hot while in operation. If it's not kept cool, the drill head will erode which will affect the drilling process, resulting in downtime.


Project fact file

40 º Celsius

Hot water return from the TBM

25 º Celsius

After cooling

36 months

To complete the tunnel boring


From hot to cold

Our technicians worked along with the contractors and developed a specially designed chiller system that recycled hot water from the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and turned it into cold water to cool the machine itself. 600 kW water cooled chillers were used to ensure that the TBM machine worked continuously to excavate the tunnels through a variety of different rock layers.


The Aggreko Difference

Providing you with a comprehensive solution 




Tunnel excavation completed on schedule and a safe working environment.

Providing the customer with a comprehensive cooling solution enabled them to carry out the tunnel excavation which resulted in the tunnel being completed on time. And with the help of radiator units, we ensured that the workers working in the tunnel received clean and cool air, providing them with an optimal working environment.


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