Client HVAC contractor

Location Singapore

Sectors Data centres

The Challenge

Provide effective cooling for data centre during essential maintenance

As part of its annual turnaround maintenance programme, a data centre situated in the north east of Singapore was scheduled to undergo an HVAC system upgrade.

Maintaining a precise cool room temperature is paramount for data centres to ensure the critical IT infrastructures are kept running efficiently. This can be a challenge due to the substantial amount of heat emitted during data processing and transfer.

The contractor required a temporary chiller unit to help its customer maintain the cooling capacity while its existing internal chiller plant underwent  two weeks of maintenance, including the replacement of spare parts.

Project fact file

1x 700 kVA

Power generator

30 Days

Uninterrupted cooling

1x 1500 kW

Water-cooled chiller

The Solution

Water-cooled chiller unit to ensure constant cooling


With our strong reputation for designing and delivering turnkey cooling solutions with a wide range of temporary air and water chillers, the HVAC contractor contacted Aggreko to partner with them for the project.

Temperature control engineers worked closely with the contractor's HVAC specialists to devise the best engineered solution. Aggreko  worked with the contractor closely for the entire project cycle from the concept phase, right through to deployment, commissioning, on-site support and even decommissioning.

A replacement cooling system was deployed, with one of our 1500 kW water-cooled chillers providing uninterrupted air conditioning service for 30 days. Cooling constitutes one of the highest cost components of running a data centre, the replacement cooling for this project was roughly 1400 kW (R) capacity.

Our designed solution utilised water-cooled chillers, which had better water processing efficiency at 0.6k W/ton in comparison to 1.7k W/Ton of air-cooled chiller, translating to energy efficiency and cost savings.  This equates to a much more efficient solution for the customer.

The Aggreko Difference

We keep cool under pressure - so you can too

The Impact

No loss in cooling continuity for data centre

The cohesive partnership ensured that the customer data centre maintained its operations and 99% up-time guarantee with no downtime  or efficiency issues. Over-heating or insufficient cooling did not occur during this major maintenance project on its chiller plant.

The quick delivery of the solution ensured that there were no financial implications for the customer,which sped up the completion of this project


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