Client Nanyang Inc National Parks Board

Location Singapore

The challenge

Precise cooling and humidity control for flora and fauna in tropical Singapore


A large-scale competitive garden festival, taking place in balmy Singapore, was set to showcase a wonderful array of non-tropical flora and fauna.

With high temperatures and humidity set to make life difficult for horticulture designers and their exhibits, event organisers required an expert partner to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity levels so the flowers and foliage could thrive.

Could Aggreko produce extensive, precise temperature control and keep the sprawling garden in tip-top condition for two weeks?


Project fact file

5 MW

Of cooling

7 MVa

Total power generated

22 Degrees Celsius

Precise temperature maintained

The solution 

An integrated cooling package of 5 MW and a 24/7 response team

We worked closely with the organiser to provide cooling for the 10 independent tentages housing the horticultural displays.

We devised a method and design after a consultative session with horticulture specialists and organisers, so we could mimic the plants’ habitat and climate where they strive in.

We had to maintain the indoor temperature and humidity at an optimal level of 22 degrees Celsius and 50% respectively, during day time, ensuring the flora and fauna remain in good conditions throughout the competition.

The disparity in outdoor climate between day and night also meant that we had to be able to make swift adjustments to temperature and humidity. We had to be always-ready 24/7, onsite to respond to any potential changes


The Difference

We adapt so you can grow

The Impact

Impeccable gardening display and event experience for all

For 14 days, the wide range of flora and fauna were displayed in the 10 massive air-conditioned tentages, replicating the natural habitat in the northern and southern hemispheres.

The precise cooling ensured that the plants were in tip-top condition, offering the best possible visual and comfort experience to visitors.

This is a real, visual treat for the locals as most of the non-tropical flora and fauna are a rarity in sunny Singapore.


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