Client Facilities Management Company

Location London, UK

Sectors Facilities management

The challenge

Keep broadcaster on air with back-up cooling

With daily live broadcasts, plus a data centre and several hundred office staff, this London broadcasting facility relies on a steady supply of cooling. When two of the site’s chillers needed maintenance, they planned to use their stand-by units to keep the facility cool – which would leave them without a back-up. So they called us in to deliver a cost-effective, efficient stand-by system.


Project fact file

2 x 750 kW

Chillers on stand-by

1.5 MW

Heat exchanger

14 days

Time to deliver project

The solution

A compact cooling package with ACS

On a very small footprint outside the broadcaster’s building we installed a robust cooling system that would kick in if the facility’s own chillers failed. To negate the need for an Aggreko technician to remain on-site, we connected our ACS remote panel to the building’s management system to auto-start and stop the rental package when needed.


the aggreko difference

We can be on-site fast, with cost-effective, compact cooling.

The impact

Business as usual during chiller maintenance 

It was business as usual for the broadcaster while its main chillers were refurbished. The building remained at an optimum temperature – keeping the TV stars, data centre servers and office workers happy. Our emergency cooling package was continuously on standby until their own systems were up and running again.


“In the fast-paced world of television, it’s critical to keep broadcasting equipment and data cool. Our back-up cooling was just what this broadcaster needed.”

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