Client Pampa Energía

Location Argentina

Sectors Oil and gas

The challenge

Providing innovative solutions in limited spaces

In the Neuquén Province, specifically in Sierra Chata, a petroleum and gas operator is working on one of its most significant projects in Argentina. At this location, the company makes use of a very old gas turbine, which translates into high power generation costs. For this reason, the operator decided to initiate a tendering process in order to find a solution that would provide highly efficient systems and, at the same time, utilize gas deposits to generate power.

In addition to the customer's technological requirements on efficiency and costs, the solution would have to be adapted to a limited space of 40 feet in order to be installed. Various companies known in the region decided to participate in the tendering process, but only Aggreko was capable of offering an innovative solution adapted to the special needs of the customer.

Key data

13% - 20%

Reduction in fossil fuel consumption in systems

6 MW

of backup power with next generation technology

1 battery

for energy storage

The solution

Battery + 6 MW utilising efficient gas generators

The customer wanted to take advantage of the benefits of a hybrid energy solution. Aggreko happened to be the only company capable of offering a solution that provides energy storage and complies with space limitations.

For this project, we provided four gas generators and one battery, which would ensure greater efficiency and fuel performance, reducing the consumption of gas by 13% to 20%.

This unique energy solution combines generation and storage systems that are perfectly integrated and managed by our software platform - guaranteeing the full availability and optimisation of power when the customer needs it. At the same time, our great technical expertise and flexibility on the use of fuel enabled us to utilise the gas produced in the field, adapting our approach to the conditions in the well and the needs of the customer, key factors for the success of this project.

The Aggreko difference

Thermal capacity and battery combined to provide innovative solution

The impact

Reduction in energy costs and environmental impact

Power generation is a significant portion of operative costs for projects within the petroleum and gas industry. The consumption of fuel is reduced to improve system efficiency, resulting in general savings with regard to power costs.

This project is of particular importance to Aggreko, as it represents the first battery installed in all of Latin America. Aggreko currently has more than 60 systems installed in the Neuquén basin, supporting the production of petroleum that powers the economy of Argentina every day.

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