Client Leading offshore drilling contractor

Location Bay of Brunei

Sectors Oil and gas

The Challenge

Emergency power and stable temperatures even at open sea

Cold-stacking a rig entails a complete shutdown where operations are put on idle.

Minimising damage to equipment and the facility, and preventing corrosion and contamination needs power and controlled temperature and humidity levels. Power is also vital to keep emergency systems up and running.

And so, we designed and delivered power for the rig’s emergency services, dehumidification and cooling that were reliable even out at sea.

Project fact file


years of idle time

1500 kW(R)

air conditioning

1050 kVa

total power


Making sure all’s well and everything goes on… even when idle

We came up with dehumidification and temperature control to regulate dry bulb and relative humidity to preserve the equipment, carpentry and furniture in the rig.

We also provided a diesel fueled power generator and made sure that our temperature control and the rig’s emergency systems stayed powered during this period.

the aggreko difference

We can’t stand idly by and let your rig suffer


Around-the-clock perfect conditions, which prevented damage and loss

We kept the rig at an optimal temperature of 24°C and a relative humidity of 55 per cent that preserved sensitive electronic equipment, carpentry and furniture. So even when the rig was cold-stacked, it remained free of mould and bugs.

Minimal equipment maintenance and servicing needed as corrosion and damage was reduced. And that meant cost savings.



We work alongside our customers to understand their operational needs. And while their usual business operations might be down, we creatively worked with them on a solution that would ease them through the tough times. Now, they are better equipped to restart operations when they need to.

Michael de Souza General Manager ,
Singapore and Malaysia

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