Client Midstream gas processing plant

Location USA

Sectors Oil and gas

The challenge

Provide temporary power – fast

A midstream gas processing plant in the Haynesville Shale, USA, was in the final stages of construction. But it didn’t have enough power to get the job done. The local utility was already stressed, and additional utility power was 18 to 24 months away. The gas plant didn’t want to wait that long – it needed temporary power, and it needed it fast. 


Project fact file

< 3 months

To complete the project

1.3 MW

Natural gas unit

85 %

Reduction in emissions


Savings per month

The solution

Tapping into the natural gas supply to provide cost-effective power

The plant operator got in touch with us three months before they planned to start operating, asking for temporary power. We had to work fast. We quickly saw the benefits of using the gas they were extracting as the fuel source for their power. So we designed and commissioned a temporary natural gas system delivering 1.3 MW and had it up and running before the company’s on-site testing began. 


the aggreko difference

We can work with midstream plants to deliver temporary or semi-permanent power.

The impact

Our customer got the power they needed and saved money at the same time

Powered by our natural gas system, the midstream gas plant recorded monthly fuel cost savings of US$50,000 and a reduction in emissions of more than 85 per cent. It was the ideal temporary fix. Our local team made sure that there were no technical issues or power interruptions during the period we were there. Then, once the local utility infrastructure project was complete, the plant could seamlessly switch over to the grid.


“It’s a great feeling when your power system gets such immediate results for a company. This project certainly delivered.”

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