Client Major Oil and Gas Operator, EPCs and Sub-Contractors

Location Europe and Eurasia

Sectors Oil and gas

The Challenge

The construction and
commissioning of an
intercontinental gas pipeline

This $45b investment is one of the largest projects of this type ever undertaken.

The pipeline runs across two continents spanning a total of six countries. The pipeline, once complete, will deliver an alternative source of energy to millions of people. However, the distances, environmental conditions and remote nature of the route provided numerous challenges.

Power shortages and failures were not an option for the team involved as strict financial constraints and ambitious delivery timelines were of paramount importance. They required mobile and modular power solutions for camps, construction, pipe welding, commissioning and testing, so they turned to Aggreko.

Project fact file

8x 1000 kVAs

Camp power

11x 1250s

Compressor station commissioning

2x 6 MVA

Loadbanks - GT testing and commissioning

35x 125 kVAs

Pipeline welding

The Solution

Aggreko project delivery
as a global player with
local knowledge

The customer and their suppliers engaged with Aggreko in the early stages of the project, knowing that’s when our engineering and project management teams’ involvement would deliver the most value.

Aggreko provided camp power and placed the fleet and technicians strategically, in order to deliver power to the customers when and where they needed it. Our containerised, modular equipment was ideal for the project and local Aggreko teams were able to mobilise Aggreko’s design and project management guaranteed a service that meant the customer avoided unnecessary across borders with ease, delivering on time due to a wealth of experience operating in the region.

Our Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) system allowed our technicians to track the performance of each piece of equipment, which ensured that power outages were avoided, ultimately reducing the manpower required to cover the fleet. This also lowered the travel time of our technicians and as a result, reducing the risk of road traffic incidents in some very remote areas.

The Aggreko Difference

Powering projects along pipelines and across borders

We bring your project pipedream closer

The Impact

Safe delivery of power and the further strengthening of a customer relationship

Aggreko’s design and project management guaranteed a service that meant the customer avoided unnecessary delays to their project schedule or additional cost due to power issues.

We understand that Aggreko operate in some of the most remote and challenging environments and their equipment is designed to perform on projects such as ours. The local team were experienced in mobilising equipment across regional borders, something our other suppliers found challenging. Aggreko are aligned to our safety standards and ensured that despite the timelines and challenges of the environment, safety standards were never compromised.

Senior Electrical Engineer ,
from major oil and gas operator

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