Client Chemical Manufacturer

Location Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Sectors Petrochemical and refining


Transformer maintenance power to avoid production shortage and help save money

Planned shutdowns are planning and scheduling intensive and need dealing with correctly to avoid potential issues. More effort and due diligence are required for the planning and scheduling of a planned shutdown than routine or weekly maintenance.

Shutdowns that don’t run smoothly can cost time and money, with power outages affecting productivity at the plant.

Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to handle any shutdown professionally with speed and efficiency, thus avoiding production shortages while also saving money.

During a planned shutdown for a chemical manufacturer’s Plant, transformer maintenance was required to ensure everything still ran as per usual without any failures and losses.

KEY facts




Aggreko technicians


Locally trained operators


Turn-key solution with 24/7 onsite support to keep the plant running smoothly

Having previously worked with Aggreko, the client turned to us to keep the power running at its plant during a planned shutdown.

After undertaking a local site visit and liaising with the client, we planned the work accordingly and contacted a local depot to acquire the necessary equipment to fulfill the work.

In order to maintain power and make sure that everything ran smoothly during the shutdown, we provided three diesel generators (1,000kVA and 500kVA), three fuel tanks and several cables to secure the equipment.

In addition, Aggreko used its own technicians and trained local operators to guarantee that the job was successful and completed within the time frame without issues. We also provided 24/7 hotline service support in the unlikely event of any sudden breakdown.


Guaranteed power during a planned shutdown



The plant was able to keep running without any power failures or financial losses

The goal for this job was to help the client generate the power required to do the necessary maintenance on their transformers without any failures.

After the work undertaken by Aggreko, the client was able to keep their plant process running without any power failures or financial losses and ensure that everything went to plan. The plant shutdown was successful.

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