Client Major pharmaceutical manufacturer

Location Singapore

Sectors Pharmaceuticals

The challenge

Ensuring production continuity during HVAC system upgrade 

A major pharmaceutical production facility had to undergo critical HVAC system upgrades to increase efficiency. HVAC cooling systems are the bloodline of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, with multiple processes from storage, manufacturing to testing.

They require precision temperature and humidity to be maintained, ensuring the highest hygiene and quality standards. With the strong market demand for these medicines, production had to go on despite the upgrade and the facility needed a reliable solution that can maintain its various production components’ cooling process standards.

Project fact file

12.5 to 6 ⁰C

Before and after of water temperature 

224 Litres 

Of water processed/second 

5X 1500 kW

Water Chillers 

The solution

Precise temporary HVAC package to maintain manufacturing process

Experience and an excellent track record in designing sophisticated, dependable solutions are the perfect partner in these situations.

Our capability in the sector and our reputation for delivering the precise temperature that processes required were one of the many factors in vendor selection – and why Aggreko were chosen

Aggreko was called on to design a temporary cooling system that ensures critical cooling processes are still online. That means production carries on despite the HVAC system upgrade.

Vital applications such as batch processing, liquid sterilisation, tablet formation and packaging are dependent on the cooling HVAC system. There is no margin for error when it comes producing the very antidote that cures diseases and saves lives.

Our cooling experts designed and implemented an integrated cooling solution comprising of five 1500 KW water chillers, which processed up to 224 litres of water per second, cooling it from 12.5⁰C to 6⁰C, specific to customer's requirements.

This is something that no one else in the market could fulfil. A testament to Aggreko’s unrivalled expertise for temperature control. 

The Aggreko difference

We are the cure for your cooling ills

The impact

Critical maintenance and revenue generation could continue

Our cooling system solution helped the customer to maintain its production levels while maintaining their stringent production process quality standards.

What was also critical was the avoidance of financial losses due to non-production or sub-par cooling process performance. This would have led to corrosion or wastage if not for the precision focused cooling solution that Aggreko delivered

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