Client LNG Storage Vessel

Location Singapore

Sectors Shipping


It’s a required international standard in the shipping industry that all vessels are equipped on-board with a backup generator. This serves as a contingency power source in the event of a power failure from its primary power source, where it is termed as a ‘black out’ or “dead ship”.

The LNG vessel en-route to Australia has been relying on their on-board back-up generator for the past ten days, with no contingency plan in place in the event of failure of its secondary source of power, the vessel could come to a standstill if the on-board generator failed.

Three days away from the nearest port of Singapore, the vessel needed a contingency solution that could tide them over to reach their scheduled eventual port of call in Australia. It is only there that they were able to conduct maintenance to their primary power source as the supplier’s technical team are based there.

Project fact file

500 kVA

Generator supplied


From enquiry to delivery

$120,000 USD

of savings


Too far away from Singapore’s port, the vessel’s superintendent reached out to us for a contingency marine power package, based on our reputation of responsiveness and reliable equipment. We supplied a 500 kVA diesel generator serving as a contingency for their existing back-up generator.

Our team provided a turn-key solution, ensuring all normal operations associated, including a tricky crane barge carrying out lifting work, could be carried out seamlessly.

The backup power generator was delivered to the vessel’s docking bay within two hours of the vessel calling into the Port of Singapore. With a 24/7 technical team on standby, we were also just a call away to provide technical support.


Your port of call – a complete power solution



The costs for non-movement of a ship due to power failure are substantial, and for this particular LNG storage vessel it was around USD $120,000. An additional cost such as this would certainly have impacted their bottom-line, however they were able to avoid this with the delivery of the backup generator.

This ensured that the ship could continue its sailing mission to Australia with peace of mind knowing that the contingency power was taken care of through an expert service and solution.

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