15 Aug 2018

Aggreko enhances fuel flexibility reputation signing its first LPG fuelled power plant contract

The Island of St Croix
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We are excited to have signed a new three-year contract with the island of St Croix, a US Virgin Island, to deliver 20 MW of flexible, reliable power. This Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)-powered Next Generation Gas (NGG) generator power plant will help the island provide essential power to residents, meeting the energy needs of both businesses and homes and providing power to approximately 26,000 customers.

This is Aggreko’s first deployment of an NGG solution using LPG. One of the benefits of an NGG generator is its ability to operate using a much wider variety of gas fuel types and compositions than our other gas generators. NGG generators can operate using natural gas, Liquid Natural Gas, Compressed Natural Gas, LPG and Associated Petroleum Gas.

This is partly down to the high tolerance of NGG generators to a wide methane index, enabling our customers to have great fuel flexibility options when it comes to power generation fuels. This flexibility was essential for the St. Croix contract; this remote island needed a solution that would operate using the fuel types available.

Tailoring services to our clients’ individual needs is a fundamental part of our business, and St Croix has its own unique requirements. On the island, power demand can change as much as 40% between day and night due to high levels of commercial activity during the day, which means that flexibility is essential. In order to meet these requirements, our power plant will be comprised of individual 1.2 MW power modules, which guarantees greater energy efficiency, with supply seamlessly adapting to cover day and night-time demand-side changes.

This contract also demonstrates our cost-saving solutions for customers. The new power plant is expected to provide $6 million of savings to the island in the first two years, which will directly result in electricity savings for the end user. Importantly, this can be achieved without compromising the robustness or reliability of the power supply, which is vital to remote islands like St. Croix.

The 20 MW power plant will meet all local and federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions requirements, including a continuous emissions monitoring system. In fact, gas solutions are cleaner and greener than other fossil alternatives. With lower exhaust emissions and noise levels they meet the most stringent environmental regulations, while providing market-leading fuel efficiency. The recent incorporation of LPG power generation to the island will also enable St. Croix to contribute to carbon reduction targets.

Aggreko’s Managing Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Ana Amicarella, said: “As energy markets continue to undergo profound transformation in search of reduction in the cost of power generation and lower emissions alternatives, both Aggreko and our customers are having to rapidly respond. This new LPG fuelled power contract in St. Croix is one example of such a response.”

“We are delighted that this power solution will enable businesses and families to flourish, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with the authorities on the island to make a positive impact on St. Croix and its people.”

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