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“We work quietly behind the scenes, making sure the lights are powered, the sound checks run smoothly and activities are broadcasted worldwide.”

Without power, the show can’t go on

From Glastonbury and Cirque du Soleil, to the World Cup and the Olympics, we’re proud to power the world’s most exciting events. We’ve been working on events for more than 30 years, so we know how to put on a spectacular show. We dedicate as much enthusiasm to planning your backstage power and temperature-control as you put in to organising things front of house.

We work quietly behind the scenes, making sure the lights are powered, the sound checks run smoothly and activities are broadcast worldwide.

So, whether you’re entertaining an audience of one, or broadcasting to millions worldwide, we’ll take care of the details – leaving you to take centre stage.

Partnering with you to make your event a success

With a major event, you only have one chance to get things right, so you need a partner who’ll be by your side from start to finish – especially if the event will need months, or even years, of planning.

As well as front of house and field of play, your power systems need to support many things behind the scenes, including security, medical, broadcasting, ticketing and retail. Setting up power and temperature-control for these services can be complex, and equipment often needs to fit within a tight space or be installed a long way from your event.

Our engineers are experienced in meeting these challenges and we have an extensive suite of event Generator rental options along with Air-Conditioners for cooling in hot and humid Singapore. And if you're running a big-scale event in the outdoors, fear not, as experts of outdoor cooling for events, our Chillers and Air-Handlers can provide essential large space cooling to ensure your guests are comfortable.

If your venue’s tight on space, we can engineer our equipment to fit, and if we need to install it away from your event we can bring in cabling and/or air ducting to get the power, heating, cooling and air to where it’s needed. What’s more, we can adapt quickly if the scope of your event changes during planning.Our turnkey event solutions for events include:

  • Event power systems design: Event generators to power up all components of your event.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cooling System Design: As specialists in outdoor cooling for events, we have cooled massive tentages or marques utilising either air-conditioners or a combination of air handlers and chillers for large space cooling.
  • Other services: Logistics, commissioning, operations and decommissioning services

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The Ryder Cup

Cirque Du Soleil

Louis Vuitton America's World Cup Series


“The WTA Finals had a complex power setup which encompassed multiple functional areas across several venues. Lagardère Sports needed a reliable partner who could provide uninterruptible power to ensure the smooth delivery of one of Singapore’s iconic sporting events. Aggreko’s turnkey solution more than met our expectations and we will not hesitate to partner with them again.”


Alex Tan

Senior Manager, Tennis and Golf-Asia ,
Lagardère Sports

World-class performances – whatever your event

From small, private parties to large, prestigious projects, our experts around the world can support you with all your event services needs. As your technical event partner, we can help with:

  • Film, television and theatre: We power special effects, keep studios at the right temperature to accommodate shooting in the best conditions, and help bring remote locations to life on screen.
  • Sports: We help make sure sports fans around the world enjoy their favourite games, races and competitions – whether they’re watching live, online, or on TV.
  • Concerts, festivals and tours: From the world’s biggest festivals to nationwide tours, our event power generators and temperature-control equipment such as air-conditioners, chillers and air handlers helps music fans experience the best shows in town.
  • Corporate, political and social: Whether you’re launching a new product, heading a political campaign, or running a sell-out fashion show, we can bring the power, temperature control and lighting needed to run things effortlessly.
  • Private parties: From corporate gatherings to sophisticated soirées, our temporary event generator rental options provide power to light the dance floor and play the music, as well as keeping your venue at the right temperature, to keep your guests entertained.

When you only have one chance to get things right, we won’t let you down.

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Silent running behind the scenes

Imagine if all you could hear at the ballet was the sound of a generator running. Power is essential for lighting the stage and playing the music, but we know the last thing your performance needs is to be drowned out by noisy equipment. And with more and more events taking place outdoors in public parks, or on green fields, it’s important to use equipment that meets all noise and emissions regulations.

We can work with you to understand your event and the challenges of its location, then provide the most efficient power and temperature-control equipment for the job. Our silent generators run at industry-leading low noise levels and have low emissions. What’s more, we build them with fully bunded internal fuel tanks to eliminate the risk of fuel spills.

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Precision Cooling/Air-Conditioning for People & Exhibits

Need an air conditioner for event? or require sophisticated cooling and humidity control for precious exhibits and consumables with limited shelf lives? Our versatility and in-depth expertise for indoor and outdoor cooling for events, has seen us provided critical cooling for many events globally, one of which was in Singapore for a local horticulture festival . Our cooling engineers will sit down with you or your events agency to understand and design the right cooling package while our operations team will test rigoriously to ensure only the right temperature and humidity as required is supplied to your structure or space.

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"With only two days’ access to the venue we had to build the ice rink and be ready to open by 7pm. Any delay would mean cancellation of the show and cause significant financial and reputational loss to the tournament and our company. Aggreko's service was excellent. They knew exactly what they were doing and their equipment was first rate."

Gareth Webber Director ,
Ice World New Zealand

“Aggreko helped turn an empty car park into a production space for a major international fashion event. Equipment was kept out of sight and discreet, while the team worked hard behind the scenes to help deliver a world-class event.”



Alex Woodfield Senior Events Manager ,
British Fashion Council

“Aggreko have got a great history of providing temporary power to some of the most important sports events around the world.  And so, we were delighted to have them as our power partner here last year in Portsmouth, and this year, and I hope we’ll be working with them for many years to come.”

Sir Keith Mills Chairman ,
America’s Cup World Series, Portsmouth

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