Flare Gas to Power

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Generate power from APG to reduce costs, gas flaring and your carbon footprint

As APG volumes change over a project’s lifetime, and geological study estimates at feasibility stage are rarely accurate, our flexible offering is ideal for operators. We can match gas availability over the project lifetime and our equipment can be adjusted to match a wide range, including varying gas compositions.

While the quality of the some APG can prevent it’s use directly into our generators – such as high H2S or high-water content or low methane content. In most cases, these can be overcome with our in-house expert application knowledge and sophisticated engineering capabilities.

We can assume a wide scope of work both technically and commercially, and we are willing to invest in project infrastructure and to partner as an investor with operators where appropriate to deliver such projects.

Read our article on the five key drivers of growth in the flare gas-to-power market or download our brochure to learn more. 

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