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Dense air injection for fluid catalytic cracking


Seasonal production demands – are you prepared?

Main air blower (MAB) constraints can be a headache for even the most equipped refiner. It’s responsible for ensuring optimal product output is generated from the Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit, and fundamental to a successful yield production. When a MAB is not able to cope with its surroundings it can be a financial headache

With FCC units being pushed to maximise production during peak summer months, MAB’s face significant problems as their limits are aggravated by seasonal ambient temperatures – leading to inefficient coke burn and FCC regenerators not being able to efficiently combust for product delivery.

Avoiding capacity limit damage to your MAB unit

Aggreko Process Services (APS) deploy fast expertise into the mix, cooling inlet air to the MAB. By chilling inlet air from around 40C down to 15.5C – denser air is pushed into the regenerator allowing for a more efficient coke burn off, and granting optimal catalytic activity in the reactor.

A cleaner catalyst ensures optimal product yields at the reactor. Don’t ignore the seasonal risk associated with your MAB and FCC units – cutting the FCC feed to accommodate unit failures will be a costly error.

We can help you overcome constraints, bottlenecks and help capture marginal value with our dense air injection solutions.

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