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“By using our power you don’t have to run the ship’s engine during routine maintenance, or system testing.”

We’ll help you stay afloat

Whether sailing in the big blue, or docked at port, a ship is a floating city. And just like a city, every ship has unique power, heating, cooling and dehumidification needs. We understand that ships run on specialised systems, and that being at sea can cause equipment challenges you wouldn’t see on land. Our experienced engineers can help. Whether you’re running a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) unit, a container ship, or a military vessel, we can tailor our state-of-the-art equipment to your needs.

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Don’t get caught out at sea

Being adrift at sea without power is no joke. But we can respond rapidly to any offshore emergency. From backup generators to customised temperature-control, we can fix the snag and get you back to full steam ahead in no time. And because we keep equipment on standby at our 211 locations around the world, we can get to you fast – whether you’re stuck in port or out at sea.


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Dry-docked, not power-locked

Every so often a ship needs its systems overhauled, the paintwork refreshed and the barnacles scraped off the hull. When it’s time for maintenance, our generators can power your online systems, and our heaters can be used for painting and coating jobs. We can also help with battery storage and loadbank testing. Our technicians can simulate a variety of adverse conditions to see how your ship will perform in the perfect storm.

Renting our equipment is cost-effective, too. By using our power, and dialling it up or down as needed, you don’t have to run the ship’s engine during routine maintenance, or system testing. 

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A little extra power – just when you need it

Taking on a bit more refrigerated cargo than usual? No problem. Call us and we’ll provide extra marine power for the trip. Our generators and coolers will keep the produce fresh from dock to dock, meaning you don’t have to fork out for costly, new equipment. Or perhaps you need temporary generators to power winches and other equipment on an offshore rig. Once the heavy lifting is done.


“Our tailored packages help customers keep their ships moving on sea and in tip-top condition when docked. We save them time and money.”

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