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HVAC rental

Specialists in temporary heating, cooling and dehumidification solutions

Precise temperature control with temporary heating and cooling

In construction, industrial and commercial settings, temperature and air quality are important variables to control. When the HVAC systems you depend on go offline or you require additional support, temporary heating and cooling equipment can keep your business operational and efficiency maximised. 

Whether you have planned maintenance, an emergency outage, or capacity constraints, our industry-leading specialists will work with you to devise a fast and cost-effective HVAC rental plan. With a range that includes chillers, cooling towers, air handling units, air conditioning units, heat exchangers, heaters and boilers, our simple solutions can meet all your temperature control needs.

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Solve your temperature and moisture challenges with temporary solutions 

Our heating, cooling and drying hire range

Optimum climate control

For a wide range of sectors, a climate-controlled environment is essential to comply with stringent regulatory and hygiene standards, worker welfare,  drying out environments as well as protecting product quality. Problems can be exacerbated at times of the year when ambient humidity levels are high. Our range of dehumidifier hire products can reduce the impact of moisture and ensure consistent production, all year around.

Innovative HVAC equipment, backed by sector-leading expertise

A flexible, sustainable approach to HVAC

At Aggreko, we’re constantly innovating our HVAC rental range, striving to make them cleaner and more efficient. All of our chillers utilise lower GWP refrigerants,  so you can be sure they meet the strictest safety and emissions standards.

Whatever your sector, environment or challenge, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the right heating, cooling and dehumidification solution. Right sized for your operation for maximum efficiency. From comfort heating to ground thawing. From cooling towers to industrial dehumidifiers. From short term to long term and emergency hire. Our expert team make it simple, flexible and sustainable.

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