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Power hire for hospital


Delivering a power supply for healthcare that you can rely on

In some industries, a minute’s delay is simply not an option.When lives are on the line, the last thing you need to worry about is whether the lights stay on in the operating theatre, or heating in a hospice.

The healthcare sector is the safety net that protects us all, but the facilities required by this vital sector need constant power and temperature control.

It isn’t just power for power’s sake though. You require an optimised solution, one that delivers the unyielding energy supply you and your customers rely on, as well as a package that keeps your overheads down.

Decades working in close partnership with healthcare businesses has given us the expertise to provide exactly what is most important, neatly wrapped in a power, heating or cooling package that is tailored to your demands.

Our decentralised gas generators and combined heating and power (CHP) solutions are available to your business and offer the flexibility and optimisation that we are known for, and the cost-effectiveness that can make a massive difference.


"With an annual energy bill of £600 million, the NHS has already identified power, heating and cooling as one of the areas where it can make significant reductions.

doctors in a healthcare setting

Overcoming the hurdles of managing budget constraints while ensuring building services are optimised

With government legislation hitting those who rely on the grid the heaviest, our modular CHP can deliver reliable power, while simultaneously harnessing waste heat that’s created from power generation.

This means no extra boiler hire, which results in savings for you, and because you are deriving the power you need without the help of the national grid – you avoid paying out needlessly on the new legislation.

You could purchase your own equipment, but the capital expenditure would send costs spiralling, taking years to finally work back a profit. A rental package allows for a greater degree of flexibility, so you can adjust the terms accordingly. Construction taking place but the building needs to stay powered and well heated? Mandatory servicing of critical machinery? We can step in for however long it takes with a hospital emergency generator that keeps your establishment stable in the meantime.

The answer is at your fingertips. You rely on hospital power and temperature control to deliver your services. Aggreko will make it happen - so you can help those that rely on you so heavily.

When delivering a medical power supply, we can also provide hospital backup power.

Our healthcare solutions are proven in the real world, in your world. Read our case studies to discover more.

Trusted expertise, proven results