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Our proven solutions come from tried and trusted ways of working


We have the UK’s largest fleet of power, heating and cooling equipment – all delivered to you regardless of location, space or complexity. Our flexible, modular hire delivers greater certainty and control.

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We develop and invest in the latest, cleanest, most efficient technology to improve performance, cut emissions and reduce costs.

Greener Upgrades


From flexible hire and telematics to Greener Upgrades and decentralised power, simplicity is at the heart of every solution.

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Bridge your energy gap with our temporary solutions

We understand switching to the right decentralised energy solution takes time. That's where our risk-free, short and long-term hire packages make all the difference. In addition to benefitting from immediate savings and no payback period, renting also eliminates the need for capex, enabling you to gain access to the instant power you require without needing to invest heavily upfront.

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Power and HVAC rental solutions delivered by sector specialists