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Food and beverage

Power and temperature control to protect your produce

The food and beverage industry is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. It’s larger than the automotive and aerospace industries combined. To underline the importance of quenching the nation’s thirst for food and drink – this sector generates approximately £28.8bn to the economy, and employs around 400,000 people. With the population growing year on year, it’s clear that production can’t be slowed down, never mind put on hold.

Our power, heating and cooling solutions are modular and can be tailored to fit your needs – perfect for when the worst happens or extra support is needed in high season.

Are you prepared for when your power or temperature control is unable to meet a rise in demand? Can you afford to lose out on potential revenue?

The slightest change in economic or seasonal conditions can alter your production, and that can have long-term effects on your business. We have a wide range of equipment and experience to help maintain efficient production of the tastiest food and drink.

Find out more about how our decentralised gas generator hire could help your food production business.

“Aggreko’s expertise and service was essential to the smooth completion of our project. I could focus on the new facility, safe in the knowledge that they were taking care of everything required to ensure existing food stock remained in peak condition.”

Facilities Manager, Grace Foods

Dave Rusher

Temporary power and temperature solutions

Taking control of your power in food production

With new government measures introduced that charge fees for the amount of energy companies use from the grid – can you afford to depend on the grid?

Not only that, can your production levels be maintained with your current energy solution?

We can help you reduce your costs and produce additional energy whenever, and wherever, you need it. Our gas vs grid calculator compares the cost of hiring a gas generator against a mains grid connection – allowing you to estimate the potential savings you could make.

Do you use hot water or steam in your processes? Our combined heat and power (CHP) equipment lets you reap the benefit of our reliable decentralised power, and make savings thanks to harnessing the waste heat that is generated. It means you can continue with what matters most, safe in the knowledge that you have reliable, cost-effective power and temperature control.

Cost-effective solutions for the food and beverage industry

You don’t have to make a loss by forking out large sums of capital for a permanent solution. We know that your work may peak with the seasons, so we offer you the chance to rent rather than buy – and escape capex. Our hire vs buy calculator can give you an idea of how much hiring a CHP system could save you.

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Need more energy saving ideas in the industry? Download our brochures below.


Avoid costly pauses in production

It’s inevitable that you’ll need to upgrade, or maintain your equipment at some point. But a turnaround doesn’t mean you have to shut your entire plant. When the time comes to switch off your own power or cooling, we’ll have your back. With our generators and chillers in place, you can keep your production running – and keep your customers happy, too.
"We are members of the Cold Chain Federation, formally the FSDF (Food Storage and Distribution Federation)."

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