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Future-proofing power for the next generation

There are more than 400 colleges and universities in the UK. The education system underpins society as a whole, and its importance cannot be understated.

Ensuring that facilities are operational for the next generation is therefore equally as vital. Aggreko are well placed to meet the demand for school power supply. With increasing legislation that clamps down on national grid usage, an optimised, decentralised package tailored to you, could deliver a massive saving on your running costs.

Our global reach and our extensive experience is the reason we have been trusted to provide power, heating and cooling to the world’s biggest companies and events, including some of the most highly-regarded educational institutions in the country.

However, the ever-changing market doesn’t allow us to rest on our laurels. We offer many different types of energy, from gas generation to battery storage, and they are all geared toward the same outcome. To provide the same reliable, cost-effective rental power and temperature control we are known for.

Cutting costs with combined heat and power

The same goes for combined heat and power (CHP). This solution harnesses the waste heat that is produced by power generation, and uses it to meet temperature needs elsewhere. CHP is also being promoted by the government too - its Climate Change Levy targets non-domestic amenities, services and facilities that take power from the national grid. One of the exceptions though, is those that use CHP.

Your education facility is no different, and your power as well as your heating costs can be driven down by a simple switch to our CHP package. Our gas vs grid calculator can give you an idea of the costs we can help you save.

There is no need for costly permanent measures, and we offer the flexibility that you require. Why pay all year round when the school holidays dramatically reduce your usage? We can adapt a solution that fits you.

And what's more you may be able to apply for Government funding via the Condition Improvement Fund.  Speak to one of our experts today - our CHP equipment, rental options and expertise can bring you A* results.

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