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Batteries with brains – making your energy system more efficient, more reliable and more eco-friendly

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Battery storage systems offer the flexibility required for safe and stable use of wind and solar power and increase the efficiency of thermal units.

Dan Ibbetson MD, Global Products and Technology ,

Commercial and industrial energy storage systems

A mobile, modular generator with battery storage. In the generation of renewable, sustainable power, we’re providing a solution that helps your business reduce the cost of energy and improve the quality of power.

Environmental power solutions are crucial, which is why we match your business’ needs so that you can be environmentally friendly in your business’ approach, whichever sector you’re in. Find out about Y.Cube - our mobile energy battery storage systems, that can power your business’ needs.

Why choose industrial energy storage systems with Aggreko?

Electrical energy storage that’s mobile and easy to transport to your site as and when you need it allows us to provide your business with innovative, reliable power – fast.

Benefits of our Y.Cube include:

  • No CAPEX - saving you money in the long run, boosting your returns
  • Reduced cost of energy and higher power quality - integrating energy storage and solar power
  • Clean power equipment - working towards a decentralised, renewable power generation
  • Mobile, modular - reliable equipment that our trained engineers can get to you
  • Fast deployment and quick set up on site - we can install within a couple of days
  • Secure and more reliable - more resistant to disruptions, keeping you on track

A forward-thinking approach brings an integrated, battery energy storage solution as your partner in power. At Aggreko, our specialists in decentralised power can get a containerised generator with battery storage to your business whenever and wherever you need it.

And the difference with Aggreko means you’ll have 24/7 hands-on support, after our engineers have transported and supplied your battery storage. 


Sectors we can provide electrical energy storage for

For reliable, mobile and sustainable energy storage, contact our team for a quote today.


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