A hybrid microgrid requires plenty of expertise to set-up and maintain – but to do so at 4,500m altitude has challenges of it’s own.

But no mountain is too high for Aggreko and our mobile, modular technology. We will deliver 25.9 MW of solar and thermal power combined to provide the Gold Fields Salares Norte gold mine with the energy they require to continue producing 460,000 oz of gold annually. 

The tailor-made power solution comprises 9.9 MW of solar and 16 MW of thermal power with each generator producing around 772 kW of power for the mine, The special ingredient that gives the mine such a reliable, clean and efficient power source? Our proprietary software, which seamlessly integrates and optimises the use of both sources of fuel. The result is cost savings for the customer – as well as carbon emissions reduced by 104,000 tonnes.

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