Combined heat and power

Combined heat and power units from Aggreko

Hire Highly EFFICIENt Combined HEAT AND POWER systems

Cutting costs and emissions with CHP energy systems

Harness your waste heat and steam for greater efficiency through CHP systems.
This clean, stable and reliable power supply will enable you to reduce your total cost of power, lower your
emissions and minimise the need for capital outlay.

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Benefit from combined heat and power hire

Our CHP solutions enable you to generate power, heat, steam or hot water by utilising waste heat from engines’ exhaust or high temperature coolant. This delivers extra cost savings, especially in processing environments.

Cogeneration is supported by the UK Government, who have introduced a number of fiscal and financial support mechanisms designed to improve the economics of developing and operating CHP plants certified as “Good Quality” by the CHP Quality Assurance programme. 

There are many reasons to start a conversation with us. Here are just a few of them; 

  • With CHP gas generators, many of our customers are achieving 20% savings on their energy costs
  • Help meet sustainability and low carbon targets by lowering emissions up to 30%
  • Increase your competitiveness and secure your security of supply
  • Benefit from government incentives for CHP schemes
  • Hiring means that you can grow without risking capital
  • You can be highly flexible by simply off hiring when you no longer need temporary power


Opportunities and barriers for UK industry

As part of our new industry report - ‘bridging the energy gap' -  we surveyed 200 key energy decision-makers across industry on their views on decentralised energy in the UK. The report engages with a number of issues, including:
• electricity pricing
• energy security and usage
• attempts to reduce consumption
• the appetite to move towards a decentralised solution
• barriers to adoption
The report also looks at finance and incentives, with a contribution from Caroline Bragg, Policy Manager at the Association of Decentralised Energy.

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