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Specialist process cooling expertise

Aggreko Process Services (APS) combines the talent of our senior process engineers with our specialist cooling equipment to create engineered solutions that enhance productivity. APS works across a full range of industries, with an emphasis on solving large-scale, complex productivity challenges.  

Since 1990 APS has been a dedicated team within Aggreko that uses process engineering expertise to develop innovative  and tightly engineered solutions to solve complex process cooling challenges.  APS process engineers have the expertise and the equipment to identify and fix process bottlenecks, inefficiencies, failing or underperforming equipment, and, above all, the high ambient temperatures that cause production and productivity to plummet. 

Coping with the heat is the most common process problem, and many sectors, including petrochemical and refining, have always suffered in the summertime.  As temperatures rise, efficiency falls and productivity and profitability slow with it.  

For decades, these hot weather 'slowdowns' were a fact of life in industry.  But APS has shown that with methodical process cooling analysis, engineering expertise and temporary cooling equipment, including heat exchangers and chillers, processes can operate at full capacity in the hottest weather.  


APS process engineering teams work in close collaboration with our plant engineers and maintenance to identify the bottlenecks.  They then specify and deploy the right equipment from our specialised rental fleet to solve the problem. 

Our eight-step, fully-documented process ensures the best engineering support from start to finish.

1. Enquiry
2. Technical response and cost estimate
3. Letter of intent
4. Onsite scoping study
5. Commercial proposal
6. Design package
7. Equipment mobilisation and project management
8. After action report

Our objective is to quickly identify your problems and implement a temporary fix as quickly as possible. At the same time we ensure we maintain the paper trail that details every technical, safety and regulatory aspect of the solution.

When time is money, we offer a fast and effective way to return to full productivity, saving time and money and the capital investment needed to install new processes and equipment.




Quickly identify your problems and implement a temporary fix as quickly as possible


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