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Data centre powered by Aggreko gas generators

We can assess your site’s risks and create a fail-safe plan that we can put into action the moment disaster strikes.

Data centre power solutions

Data centres have a never-ending hunger for power. These vital pieces of today’s societal infrastructure consume 3% of the earth’s entire power – roughly just over 4 Terawatts.

Data centres have grown exponentially and they are now linked to every sector in the business world. Every company relies on data, and that data has to be housed somewhere. The trouble is, to maintain a constant uninterrupted power supply and satisfy the large demand means that the national grid is under increasing pressure.

This has led to measures being put in place by the government to sway businesses to find alternative data centre power management. This may be straightforward for some, but with data centres, there aren’t many power sources that can meet the high demand. Your data centre also requires a constant supply of temperature control for the racks and servers that never have downtime.

That is where we come in.


Data centre power solutions that expand at the pace and place your customers demand

We have experience working with the biggest companies and data centres in the world, providing them with engineered solutions that fit your demand. Our reliable, modular and mobile equipment, combined with our expertise, means you can have the power, heating and cooling you need from the construction phase, load bank testing for commissioning, all the way through to a contingency plan to give you and your customers peace of mind.

If you are waiting for grid connection or want to guarantee your supply off-grid, we offer gas generator hire packages that are scalable and flexible, providing you with exactly what you need, when you need it, to progress. You can download our free white paper which looks at how gas generators can plug the gap between grid power supply and demand in the data centre sector.

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Optimise data centre energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and cut waste

As well as natural gas, we are also able to integrate battery storage with solar, combined heat and power (CHP) systems or trigeneration. This can be used to ensure maximum possible reliability, while also reducing costs and slashing a site’s carbon output. Helping to improve your PUE and achieve your desired Tier status.



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