Feasibility studies

CHP feasibility study and gas feasibility studies with Aggreko

Ensuring we provide exactly what you require

You want to cover all bases – and the right power generation package is fundamental to your operations.

What do you need from a power solution? Lower operating costs? Reduce business risk, improve efficiency or do you need to meet the latest industry or environmental standard?

You may even need a specific size or model to integrate with existing facilities.
Our mobile, modular equipment and our experts on site have you covered.

Our feasibility studies include:

  • Economic feasibility – Our assessment involves a cost/benefits analysis of the project and viability.
  • Legal feasibility – Our assessment investigates whether any aspect of the proposed project conflicts with legal requirements or relevant electrical and gas legislation (i.e. the feasibility study might reveal the customers ideal location isn’t compatible for the proposed project).
  • Operational feasibility – We examine how well your project needs can be met by completing the project. 

If the relevant feasibility study points toward a possible solution, we’ll undertake a full load analysis, measuring half-hourly data from your site to accurately gauge your usage and identify where the peaks and dips occur – so we can ensure you have the right power at the right time.

This also allows us to scope out the entire project and leave no stone unturned. We’ll get straight to work, designing a system to provide exactly what you require. Working closely with your utility provider, energy consultancy or in-house engineering team to deliver projects on time, on budget and in a wide range of sectors. 

Simply put – a renewable energy feasibility study means that we adapt to your requirements, so you can have the power your business demands. 

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