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On average, UK manufacturing has seen a 37% rise in energy costs over the last five years. 

Bridging the Energy Gap Industry research report, 2019

Taking control of your manufacturing power with decentralised energy solutions

UK manufacturing is enjoying a boom. If the current growth trajectory continues, the UK will be included amongst the top five manufacturing nations in the world. No small feat for such a small country.

This industry represents the lifeblood of the nation – whether that be the products that roll off the conveyor belts, or the 2.6million people that represent the workforce behind the manufacturing sector – so keeping the machines whirring is imperative.

If your cogs stop turning, the fallout could have big ramifications for the future . You need contingency plans for decentralised power should the worst happen, but what about the basics? Do you have the right manufacturing power supply and temperature control to keep your future plans intact?

As we design, manufacture and assemble our own rental equipment, we know a thing or two about the demands you face, and we also know that with the latest government measures to lower dependency on the straining national grid – you need a solution that covers all bases.


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Real time flexible manufacturing power with immediate payback

Buying a permanent package is not an option. The CAPEX involved would take years before you start to see a return for your sizeable investment. Plus, how confident can you be that your needs won’t change?

You need the flexibility to change whenever you want, and an all-encompassing package that takes care of your power supply and your processes.

Hiring a combined heat and power (CHP) solution from Aggreko can tick all the boxes. It generates the reliable power supply we are known for, and the waste heat that is produced can be channeled to whatever you need. So, if your produce needs to be maintained at a certain temperature, or your processes require heated water to clean your produce and machinery – CHP provides the answer.

Looking for additional power to supplement your production processes during peak periods? We have also invested in new next generation, decentralised gas generators with world-leading efficiency, which could reduce your energy costs by 20%.

We’ve been providing a lending hand to some of the biggest names in manufacturing for quite some time. Our modular equipment, adaptable decentralised energy solutions and precise heating and cooling mean we can be there for you whenever and however you need us.

We provide a wide range of equipment, including energy storage  so every conceivable situation you may have can be answered. Our global fleet and extensive experience means we always deliver when it matters most.

Discover more about the rise of renewable energy and decentralised energy in manufacturing by accessing our resources below. If you're interested to find out how your business could benefit, contact one of our experts.


“Aggreko found a quick and relatively simple solution to our process cooling challenge. They provided additional reliable cooling for our site so manufacture of a new product could begin, while we focused on adding more permanent cooling capacity.”

Stephen Larke Senior Development Manager ,

“The power package provided by Aggreko ensured that we had the power we needed to meet our production targets. We have been very pleased by both the professionalism and skill of the Aggreko team.”

Abdo Nemer General Manager ,
Union Cement Company

“Aggreko delivered an efficient and cost effective solution to give us the additional power and cooling we required. The team provided excellent advice and the equipment proved very reliable.”

Billy Milligan Lead Electrical and Control Engineer ,
Howden Compressors

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