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Utility power systems that support you and your customers

You deal in necessities. The power, the water treatment and other services in the utilities sector is a necessity to life itself. Without power, businesses won't be able to operate, hospitals will be without critical machinery and security measures and data will be lost.

With no water, life itself would fail to continue. So your operations simply must continue, come rain or shine.

Circumstances change, and power demands have risen, but your emissions are required to drop in tandem. As the population grows, so does the strain on your resources. Whether you’re bringing a wind turbine or nuclear plant online, need high voltage back-up power during planned maintenance or require emergency back-up power, we’ll respond quickly to keep things on track.

You need a solution. You need utility power systems that can adapt to your requirements. A flexible package that has a constant supply, and has the capacity to meet any spikes in demand that occur. 

Aggreko can help with this predicament.

Our rental proposition means you can scale up or down on what we supply you, dependent on your needs, so if you have a seasonal spike for your utilities, we can step in and provide you with more or less accordingly. 

A flexible approach, an optimised solution and a reliable supply of power. When it comes to your needs – we give you the power back.


Custom-designed utility power systems

Our electrical engineers and industry-savvy technicians are trained to work in the utility power industry, which means we know how to reduce outages, keep customer interruptions to a minimum and maintain a safe working environment.

Our experienced utility engineers can help you by:

  • Working quickly to restore utility power systems with backup or emergency power during outages caused by weather, equipment breakdown, or natural disasters
  • Finding the best way to avoid disruptions during routine maintenance or grid upgrades
  • Supplying low and high voltage utility power systems designed to maintain your plant’s capacity
  • Carrying out renewable plant testing and commissioning to help you achieve certifications and get online faster
  • Work with you and your customers to provide a bridging gap solution utilising our temporary decentralised gas generators and combined heat and power (CHP) solutions

You’ll be in safe hands with us as your utility power solutions partner. Contact us to find out what the cost of utility power systems would be for your business. Learn how the Aggreko difference could assist your power needs as and when you need us.


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