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Gas generators

Electricity generation

Put the power back in your hands

The UK is a hive of business, and any advantage over competitors can have an enormous impact. One way you can get the edge in your sector is the cost of energy.

Reducing energy consumption isn’t simple though. The UK’s aging and inefficient asset base is one obstacle. Then there are capex constraints and the technical implications that would come with implementing any new energy-saving solutions.

Most energy efficiency measures like LED lighting, have already been put in place. Opportunities like Demand Side Response (DSR) and gas or renewable power generation offer a closer, more tantalising glimpse of a decentralised energy future. A future with a far more cost-effective energy bill.

Aggreko can cut your costs, risk free. By producing your own cleaner energy with our decentralised energy generation packages, you can provide your business with reliable power that can grow as you do – and send your surplus energy back to the grid to cut costs further.

Gas power and renewable energy generation hire

Could you reduce your energy costs with renewable energy generation?

Our simple calculator compares the cost of hiring a gas generator to produce electricity against a mains grid connection – allowing you to estimate the potential savings you could make.

Forward-thinking solutions for your business with decentralised energy generation

Our flexible, cost-safe solutions can adapt to whatever demand you can throw at it. Whether it be short, mid or long-term, we can provide you with the power you need for the future you want.

We have helped customers in a range of sectors, examples include:

Manufacturing – fluctuations in seasonal demand and ‘just in time’ manufacturing means you need flexible power to meet your changing needs. You also don’t want to commit to capex and long pay back periods as you don’t know what demand will be like in the future. A hire gas generator can meet these needs.

Data centres – when building a data centre you need to get online as soon as possible but no grid connection, or limited grid connection can hinder your plans. Rather than delay construction on such a vital facility until the grid supply is increased/connected, a bridging gas power supply from Aggreko will support the site until the connection is available.

You could benefit from greener, cheaper renewable energy generation and remove the need for capex and long-term investment today. Call our experts about our adaptable, modular decentralised gas generation hire services.