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“Our range of power solutions can help keep your business moving.”


We don’t just know manufacturing –we’re part of it

We design, manufacture and assemble all our equipment, so we understand the challenges and pressures of manufacturing. And we use this knowledge to help you. We’re locally skilled at finding creative ways to enhance your processes and overcome power and cooling challenges with end to end solutions,

What’s more, we can respond to emergencies faster than any other company in the industry. As your manufacturing power partner, we go above and beyond to help reduce outages and keep things on track.  

Keep your business running 

We know you can’t afford downtime, so we’ll help you with energy as a service. Our power solutions are tailor-made for day-to-day operations, planned shutdowns and emergency breakdowns. Our Solutions can be used to keep production moving if your compressors, cooling towers, chillers, air conditioning units or generators need maintenance, repair or replacement. And if disaster strikes, we can help you get back to production as fast as possible.





Manage your revenue and profits

Regular maintenance, or unexpected repairs, can bring your production lines to a halt – especially with older equipment and facilities. Our manufacturing power solutions can help keep your business moving. We can accurately match our power and temperature-control  equipment to the changing needs of your site, so you only have exactly what you need. What’s more, our engineers can also review your processes and suggest ways to reduce costs and work more efficiently.

Power solutions you can count on in Africa

Unreliable utilities can bring your business to a halt. Our engineers maintain our equipment according to strict schedules to make sure it’s there when you need it most. And as an additional support, we offer a remote monitoring service. Our technicians can oversee every piece of equipment 24/7 – every day of the year. This alerts us to when you need a fuel delivery, or if your power demands change.

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“Aggreko's efficiency in order of execution, delivery and service support is commendable and my sincere appreciation goes to Aggreko for its world-class products, services and people.”

Satheesh Veeraraghavan Assistant Manager ,
Amara Raja Batteries Limited

“The power package provided by Aggreko ensured that we had the power we needed to meet our production targets. We have been very pleased by both the professionalism and skill of the Aggreko team.”

Abdo Nemer General Manager ,
Union Cement Company

“We reached out to Aggreko without hesitation due to their reputation for providing power with speed and agility. We also needed a provider who could be flexible, due to the uncertain timing of the repairs. Aggreko proved to be a reliable and adaptable power provider, addressing our rather urgent needs seamlessly, and ensuring our business could continue without interruption."

Chetan Elkunchwar Technical Director ,
Ras Al Khaimah Co. for White Cement, UAE

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