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paper manufacturing

Power Solutions & Temperature Control Systems for Pulp & Paper Industry

Keeping Conditions Ideal

Avoiding downtime

At Aggreko Africa we know that the slightest plant mishap could ruin a whole batch.

We help you in creating the ideal Plant conditions

Tumbling. Grinding. Boiling. Filtering. Bleaching. Coloring. Cooling. Drying.

There’s a lot happening at your pulp and paper mill, and every step has to be perfect. 

Solutions and services for Fragile Environments

Our local teams have years of experience in ensuring you needs are met and in line with your precise processes and preventing your systems shutting off for maintenance.

We ensure that unplanned outages to your cooling, dehumidification or compressed air systems are avoided. All while keeping waste and emissions as low as possible and within regulated limits.

Perfect Conditions, All Year Round

From cooling process water sources for pulp production through to powering operations during a turnaround, our expert team can help with any productivity problem you face at your mill.

You can rely on our best-in-class fleet of cooling towers, chillers, oil-free air compressors and generators.

You can breathe easy as our expert engineers design tailored solutions to tackle process enhancement challenges, planned outages or even emergency situations.

Delicate operations need robust support.

Don’t wait until environmental conditions are damaging your precious products to tackle the problem.

Get in touch today to find out what we can do for your pulp or paper mill!

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